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What do we do?

We take difficult to work with surface mount (SMD) electronic components and re-package it on modules for easy handling.

Why in world would one need a products like these?

Well, because it is almost impossible for the general engineer and man on the street to solder these new components. Gone are the days when you could plug in your 40 pin DIP into a prototype board and have a product concept ready by lunch. The repackaged modules gives you very small and unmanageable components in easy to handle 100mil/2.54mm spaced header pins. To give you an idea how small some of these components are have a look under 10x magnification of this connector on the GSM module.

Who is the target market?

You. Lets face it, you can buy development kits for most products but they are (1) large, (2) expensive, (3) usually too big to fit in anywhere, (4) usually contains components you won't easily find and (5) you cannot go into production with it. 'You' may be a student, general DIY person or super-duper engineer. Do you know how many top notch electronic engineers buy electronic kits (you know the ones with the PCB, components and instructions)? Well, a lot!!! Why? Because engineers understand the cost per hour and a completed design saves time and money. Most people don't operate well microscopically. If you are a normal human you will have normal fingers and normal eyes. If you do you will (or already have) battled with SMD components. So this product is tailor made just for you.

Why not just do modules like these yourself?

You can. Nothing is stopping you. The reason is time and money.We are a South African business, so I will give monetary reasons in Rand (for dollars just roughly divide by 10). First you need to do your design. This will take some time. Then you might to buy the components beforehand, to fit maybe or just to have them on your shelf. If all is still OK and you understand the component you have to layout the PCB on CAD. Drawing it with a pen and using Posive20 spray is not going to work here. You have to professionally manufacture the board. If you have not spent real money then here comes your first R1000 to R1500. Now you get you board(s) back and begin to solder. BTW, this might be 5 to 10 working days later. Now you risk hurting the components by mechanical and/or heat damage and there is chance of an incorrectly mounted component plus dry joints and solder bridges. Roughly 15 working days later you switch it on and you have a high percentage chance of seeing the smoke coming out of your chips. But just imagine it works and you need more! You suddenly have more clients or your boss likes you so much that you are the solder guy from now on. You can design for manufacturing. To reduce production costs you have to panel your PCBs and have a solder stencil made. You now have to buy lots of extra components to fill the panel AND the solder stencil will cost between R3000 and R10 000. Oh yeah, the company doing the assembly will also charge you R1000 to R2000 to do the setup of the pick and place machine. Lets face it, it is going to cost a lot.

Why use repackaged modules/components?

Several reasons. You work with (1) known working models, (2) quick time to market, (3) (although bit more expensive) much cheaper than development kits  and (4) a lot easier to work with.

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